Nurtured Works - Who Are We?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Nurtured Works - who are we?

We are a husband and wife doing something we love - specifically making jewelry in Claremore, Oklahoma. We started off simple - making simple pieces out of copper for ourselves and friends & family. In September 2016 we decided to venture to market with a few products and started our own website and store, We took our first internet order in late September 2016.

Our shop page on Etsy.

The following month we opened our Etsy store, which is found at Joining Etsy was a decision we made to tap into the resources of the Etsy community and it has served us well to further development of our brand and interaction with customers - many of whom have placed custom orders with us.

In early 2017 we made the decision to take the next step and began working with sterling silver and we haven't looked back, constantly developing new and exciting products - rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, Every Day Carry (EDC) living accessories and a small selection of home accessories.

During the spring of 2017 we took our first foray into working with setting stones on rings. We now offer an expanding selection of sterling silver solitaire rings with a variety of stones in many different colors!

Fast forward to today....

In less than two years we have shipped more than 750 orders - to customers in 49 states in the US! (Note: What are you waiting on, New Hampshire? 😉) Internationally, our products have found homes in 19 different countries - on 5 different continents.

The success we have had thus far has been a blessing - far exceeding our expectations. Exciting and fun; at times overwhelming - but all the while keeping us busy doing something we enjoy. Having the reward of being able to do this together is truly fantastic.

So where do we want to go from here? Our ultimate long-term goal is to do this full time one day, once the economics make sense. Our focus is to continue developing our craft, developing our product lines and continue building our brand as we go. We are constantly looking to improve our capacity and capabilities with new tooling and equipment to increase efficiency, improve quality and allow us to expand our product lines, and brand presence.

The only way this is possible, or even feasible - is with our customers. We have awesome customers!! We celebrated our 200th five star review on Etsy earlier this month - a feat we do not take for granted. Our customer feedback has been tremendous and it speaks to our commitment to provide high quality at a competitive price. In a market loaded with cheap, flimsy jewelry not built for everyday wear, we strive to build pieces to last a lifetime, and offer those pieces at a price our customers, we hope, will realize as a good value.

The time of year is upon us to reflect upon those things for which we are thankful. We are certainly thankful for the opportunities we have been afforded over our first 2 years. We are thankful for our customers, the chances they have taken with us, and the relationships we have built with them. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue building upon the foundation which has been laid.

We thank you for your interest in Nurtured Works, and for joining us here.

Stay tuned for more product announcements coming soon!

All the best - Mandy & Dusty Nurtured Works

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