ARIEL Ring - Sterling Silver Bead Wire 2mm band w/ 5mm Round Ruby Cabochon


ARIEL Ring - Ruby Solitaire Ring, Sterling Silver Bead Wire 2mm band w/ 5mm Round Ruby Cabochon by Nurtured Works.  Featuring a 5mm round Ruby cabochon beautifully set in a serrated bezel cup, this dainty 2mm wide band is hand forged to size from a single piece of sterling silver bead wire.  Stone is set in a beautiful serrated bezel and all surfaces are polished to near mirror finish. Available in a variety of sizes.


This lab-created round ruby cabochon is made with corundum using the flame fusion method. Each stone has a chemical make-up identical to those found in nature. The color produced is a deep, pinkish red that makes a dependable, affordable and popular choice in place of natural ruby gemstones. Ruby is the birthstone for July.


This ring is perfect as a dainty solitaire ring due to its minimal design, or even better in pairs or groups!   If you are truly wanting a unique look, be sure to see the other stacking ring designs we offer to create your own unique stack!  One or more of our stacking bands make a perfect spacing ring between two of these solitaire rings..


All Nurtured Works sterling silver products are coated coated and polished with micro-crystalline wax which is acid neutral, water and alcohol resistant. Our products should provide long term, worry-free wear if proper care is taken.


Please note the ring pictured is not the piece you will receive, these photos are of our "standard" which is kept on hand in order for us to make a new one for you, just like what is shown.  We compare every item made to these standards in order to provide you with the most accurate representation we can.  Due to the handmade nature of each piece, some slight variations may be noticed, however we aim to maintain consistency as much as possible.  You will receive a quality, handmade ring- made to order each time, and uniquely yours!

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