Copper Lanyard Bead - Close Wound Coil with Polished Oxidized Finish


Close Wound Coil Twisted Copper Every Day Carry (EDC) Lanyard Bead with Polished Oxidized Finish by Nurtured Works.  Made from pure, copper rod which is wound, trimmed and ground on the ends. The piece is then pickled and tumbled for several hours in a mix of stainless steel media to smooth all edges and to strengthen and polish the piece. Finally, the piece is given a light coating and polish with micro-crystalline wax which is acid neutral, water and alcohol resistant. ID is 1/4" and OD is 1/2".  Choose your length! Available in lengths of 1/2", 3/4" and 1".


We offer a free paracord lanyard with your bead - please choose from our currently available color options, lanyards are 5" long.

Paracord Color

Please note the piece pictured is not the piece you will receive, these photos are of our "standard" which is kept on hand in order for us to make a new one for you, just like what is shown. We compare every item made to these standards in order to provide you with the most accurate representation we can. Due to the handmade nature of each piece, some slight variations may be noticed, however we aim to maintain consistency as much as possible. You will receive a quality, handmade piece - made to order each time, and uniquely yours!

All Nurtured Works copper products are coated with a clear, high gloss protective acrylic resin specifically designed for copper which protects, preserves and beautifies each piece. Additionally coated and polished with micro-crystalline wax which is acid neutral, water and alcohol resistant. Our products should provide long term, worry-free (and green skin free!) wear if proper care is taken. As all coatings will wear away over time – and quicker with every day wear - we recommend keeping your piece dry and free from any chemical or abrasive contact. 

Some prefer to have these types of coatings left off in order toallow a piece to gain natural patina over time. If you prefer to have your item without coatings, please include a note in the "Note to Seller" section during checkout and we can leave the coatings off. Items with applied or forced patina will lose patina quickly without preservation, and similarly polished items will oxidize naturally and lose luster without preservation.

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