ELSA Ring - Hammered Sterling Silver 1.25mm band w/ 5mm Amber Cabochon


ELSA Ring - Hammered Sterling Silver 1.25mm band w/ 5mm Round Amber Cabochon, Solitaire Ring by Nurtured Works.  Featuring a 5mm round Amber cabochon beautifully set in a serrated bezel cup, this dainty 1.25 mm wide band is hand rolled, shaped hand forged to size from a single piece of sterling silver wire.  Band is hammered using  flat hammering technique which yields a faceted hammered finish.  Stone is set in a beautiful serrated bezel and all surfaces are polished to near mirror finish. Available in a variety of sizes.


Amber, an organic gem, forms from the hardened, fossilized sap or resin of coniferous trees. Amber often contains bubbles and inclusions resulting from air pockets and small plant or animal fragments becoming encapsulated in the sap prior to fossilization. Amber is more than a million years old and has been prized for centuries as a gemstone as well as an ingredient in perfumes and a healing agent in folk remedies. Though its transparency and color varies, the most common colors are orange, yellow and brown.


This ring is perfect as a dainty solitaire ring due to its minimal design, or even better in pairs or groups!  Due to their design, these are stackable due to the small bands however due to the faceted shape the heads of the rings do not overlap the bands when stacking.  If you are truly wanting a unique look, be sure to see the other stacking ring designs we offer to create your own unique stack!  One or more of our stacking bands make a perfect spacing ring between two of these solitaire rings.


NOTE:  This listing is for one ring only, for additional rings please increase the quantity as desired.


We offer several other stones in this design as well - please check our shop for other options, including:


Adventurine (Green)

Aventurine is a quartzite gemstone composed of interlocking grains of quartz and mica or iron crystals. It is most commonly green, and can range from mostly translucent to opaque. Because the mica and iron crystals are reflective, they create a sparkle effect from beneath the stone surface, giving the stone the characteristic phenomenon that carries its name: aventurescence. Its name is derived from the Italian “a ventura” meaning “by chance,” owing to the accidental nature of its discovery.


Rose Quartz (Pink)

Translucent rose quartz presents a creamy pink color that comes from titanium and other inclusions.  One of the most common minerals, quartz comes in many varieties and colors. The two main categories are macrocrystalline, which are usually transparent, and crystals are visible, and cryptocrystalline, which appear translucent or opaque. The many varieties of quartz each offer distinct characteristics and, according to folklore, their own powers and purposes. 


Carnelian (Reddish Orange)

Carnelian is a type of chalcedony with a semi-opaque to translucent reddish-orange color. Its color comes from its iron oxide content, and stones may present a uniform color or be faintly banded. Its name comes from the Latin "cornum," meaning cherry, due to the resemblance of its color to that fruit; carnelian is reputed in folklore to engender eloquence in its wearers.


Ruby (Pinkish Red)

This lab-created round ruby cabochon is made with corundum using the flame fusion method. Each stone has a chemical make-up identical to those found in nature. The color produced is a deep, pinkish red that makes a dependable, affordable and popular choice in place of natural ruby gemstones. Ruby is the birthstone for July.


Denim Lapis (Blue)

Denim lapis displays a range of blue colors, light to medium, with sometimes extensive white streaking and patterning that is reminiscent of denim jeans. The white veining is due to elevated calcite levels in the stone.  Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic stone composed of lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. It exhibits a shade of blue resulting from the relative color percentages of these minerals. Represented in folklore as a symbol of the starry night, lapis lazuli is said to stimulate the intellect and support wisdom.


All Nurtured Works sterling silver products are coated coated and polished with micro-crystalline wax which is acid neutral, water and alcohol resistant. Our products should provide long term, worry-free wear if proper care is taken.


Please note the ring pictured is not the piece you will receive, these photos are of our "standard" which is kept on hand in order for us to make a new one for you, just like what is shown.  We compare every item made to these standards in order to provide you with the most accurate representation we can.  Due to the handmade nature of each piece, some slight variations may be noticed, however we aim to maintain consistency as much as possible.  You will receive a quality, handmade ring- made to order each time, and uniquely yours!

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